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Intruder Alarm Systems by JMK

People often enquire about an alarm system following a break-in.
Regrettably we have seen first-hand the disruption and upset that this causes, don’t get caught out like this.

Our Intruder Alarms protect your home or business premises when you’re not there.

An intruder alarm is a vital part of an overall security system. As well as efficiently detecting intruders, their very presence radically reduces security breaches.

We provide a wide range of systems and options, enabling you to choose from a simple but effective “bells-only” system, right through to a system employing the latest signalling and detection technologies.

All our systems can securely signal through to a dedicated smart phone application alerting you immediately the moment your system is in alarm, has been armed/dis-armed or is compromised by tampering or a fault.

Please see the following video that demonstrates the functionality of the excellent smart phone app that our systems can utilise.


JMK Intruder Alarm Systems can be used in the following situations:

  • Insurance Claims

  • Police Dispatch

  • Residential

  • Commercial Premises

  • Fault / Tampering Detection

  • Zone Detection

Connection to Alarm Receiving Center

Additionally, we can have your alarm system connected to our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Center.

In the event of an alarm activation the Alarm Receiving Center will immediately receive the alarm and manage the response. They will follow an agreed predetermined set of actions such as the contact of agreed keyholders or the perusal of live cctv images at your premises to verify/confirm intrusion etc.

Don’t risk a break in – make sure that your premises are monitored and protected by an up to date JMK Burglar Alarm System.

For more information on our JMK Intruder Alarm Systems